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Value-Added Conversions

Strategic infill locations with inherent land constraints and changing demographics often support conversions to higher and better uses including high-density housing, office and retail. Prologis recognized the potential in this Foster City, California site to support multi-family housing and pursued re-entitlement for high-density urban housing and office.

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Value-Added Acquisitions

我的风流人生免费阅读,霸道大叔的小小小丫头Industrial properties and warehouses with redevelopment potential, high vacancy or significant capital needs create value when stabilized. Prologis saw such an opportunity and used vision, local knowledge and relationships to stabilize an overlooked, vacant property in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Industrial and Warehouse Redevelopments

Redevelopment and stabilization of older or non-standard infill industrial properties and warehouses creates value. Flexibility and creative thinking allowed Prologis to turn an under-utilized warehouse sharing a single parcel with an operating paper mill into a modern workspace that won multiple design awards.