Le Havre, France, a city of 175,000 in the Normandy region, is an important port. The Seine River empties into the Atlantic at Le Havre, 134 miles northwest of Paris.

我的风流人生免费阅读,霸道大叔的小小小丫头Behind Marseille, France, Le Havre is the country’s second-largest port and France’s main Atlantic port. In 2015, Le Havre handled 2.6 million TEUS of cargo, making it the 11th-busiest port in Europe. Le Havre accounts for about 60 percent of France’s container traffic flow. Le Havre is also an active maritime passenger port.

Le Havre’s industrial zone supports heavy industries, such as refining and petrochemicals. As the logistic center and entrepôt for Paris, Le Havre is an important market for industrial properties and warehouses.

我的风流人生免费阅读,霸道大叔的小小小丫头Logistics parks adjacent to the Port of Le Havre allow for easy connections to river barges, freight rail and trucking. Le Havre sits astride a highway network that directly connects Copenhagen, Denmark, to Lisbon, Portugal.

Prologis has available warehouses in Le Havre and operates industrial properties and warehouses in Le Havre.


Featured Properties

The image shown is industrial warehouse, Le Havre DC6, located in Le Havre, France.
Le Havre DC6

Le Havre DC6

我的风流人生免费阅读,霸道大叔的小小小丫头 Saint Vigor d'Ymonville, France

This industrial warehouse facility is 10 minutes from the port of Le Havre on a 12.6-hectare site that is fully visible from the A20 motorway to...

Le Havre DC3, Saint Vigor d'Ymonville, France
Le Havre DC3

Le Havre DC3

Saint Vigor d'Ymonville, France

Built in 2003, Le Havre DC3 is a five-unit 31,868 SQM distribution facility connected to a railway dock.

The image shown is logistics warehouse Le Havre DC7-Phase II
Le Havre DC7-Phase II

Le Havre DC7-Phase II

Saint-Vigor d'Ymonville, France

我的风流人生免费阅读,霸道大叔的小小小丫头This 385,000 SF (36,000 SQM) industrial development was completed in April 2016 to meet demand in this continuously growing port area. 

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